Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Week & Weekend

We had a busy week and weekend. Marshall met some people for the first time and had a few outings. It was so good to get out of the house especially since the weather has finally changed. We had a playdate with the Reeds on Wednesday so he met Jackson and Brayden for the first time that day. These are Chad & Julie's boys - for those of you who don't know - I worked with Julie for a few years at a law firm and they live out in Oakland too so I hope our boys will be friends! We went and saw Travis at work on Thursday and of course Marshall slept the whole time. We had a visit from Aunt Shirley and Sue on Friday. On Saturday, Marshall met our cousins - the Fraziers (Josh, Audrey, Aaliyah and Marlee) from Nashville for the first time. He also met Wayne & Vicki who are like my second parents on Saturday too. Marshall stayed awake for 4 hours that day but passed out as soon as we hit the road. He was so good that day and is really becoming more active. On Sunday night, we went to Travis softball game but he slept through the whole game. So today, we are staying at home and taking it easy and relaxing. This is my last week off work which is really hitting me hard but I just plan on spending as much time with Marshall as I can this week. I have posted some pictures from our week.

Two of the best guys!

Marshall and his cousin, Aaliyah

Tummy Time

Marshall riding Aspen

Marshall with Brayden (Marshall's first playdate)

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jenn said...

i like his shirt in the last picture..ha/ha