Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend. We had a birthday party on Saturday night at the Reeds. We went to our friends' house on Sunday night to cook out. At both houses, they have swings that Marshall could swing in. He loved it! I think he would have stayed in there all night so now I am of course thinking, can we get one for our house!?! Then my sister-in-law had a party at her house on Monday. My mother-in-law got him a little pool and he loved that as well! He loves taking baths so I was glad that his love of water continued on to a pool because we plan on going swimming a lot this summer!

Mohawk Marshall!

The fam on Memorial Day

Momma and Marshall

I love this thing!

Swingin at the Reeds' (he loved it)

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jenn said...

cutie pie marshall