Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

So I don't think I got any good pictures from Christmas because Marshall did not feel good really at all the whole break. He would have his good moments but mostly you could tell he was not himself. He ended up having double ear infections (again) so that is a whole other issue. We did try to have a good time but I think most of our family was struggling with sinus issues that week so we just took it easy. We just tried to make it through as good as we could. We went to my great-aunt's house on Thursday night (Christmas Eve Eve) and celebrated with my mom's extended family. On Christmas Eve, we attended our Church, Hope's 3:00 service. My parents, Travis' parents, my brother and his wife and children, my sister-in-law's mother, sister and her boyfriend and his parents joined us. We took up a whole row by ourselves. It was such a nice service. On Christmas Day, we woke up after a rough night with Marshall to see what Santa brought him. He really didn't care at all about it when he woke up so I knew it was going to be a tough day. He eventually came around and we fed him. Then off to my parents house. We had brunch there and opened presents. Then that afternoon, we were off to Travis' parents house. Marshall got worse there and screamed for almost 2 hours and we couldn't find out what was wrong. I had one person calling our doctor, another person calling our insurance company to see what urgent care facility was covered and one person running a bath to help calm him down. Nothing worked and he just wanted to hold on to me. Finally he calmed down and then was back to himself. He had a bad stomach for a few days so I think that played a part and there was just so much going on, he got to him. Hopefully, we don't go through that again...it was horrible! This was definitely a Christmas I won't forget! He did get lots of great gifts and thoroughly enjoys playing with them now!

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