Thursday, July 21, 2011

23 Months

See I promise to try to be better on this blogging thing - twice in one week - WATCH OUT!!

So Marshall is 23 months today.  My goodness - time flies!!!  He is such a little independent thing.  Hence the falling down the stairs last week.  He is into everything! 
Some of his favorite things:
country music (Saturday mornings at our house is CMT) - he sings the songs and dances
car keys
driving (when the car is parked, of course)
swimming - anything with water
helping his daddy grill
our dogs
The list could go on and on...
He is so funny to watch and listen to.  He is such a singer and dancer - it amazes me how he remembers country songs and can sing the words to them - right on tune I might add.  I really think he could be famous one day!  He is talking up a storm - sometimes you understand it and sometimes you don't but he is trying.  Had his staple removed Tuesday and he did great.  His little head is all better now.  He is not a big eater and definitely knows what he is in the mood for and what he's not.  Did I mention he is very independent! It's been a great almost 2 years and love watching him grow and see what he is going to do next.  Wish time could stand still sometimes.  He is such a blessing and we love him more and more each day. 

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The Harper Family said...

Ummm that is 2 post in 1 week!!! I am SOOO Very PROUD!