Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First trip to ER

 So I have officially named myself "worse blogger" but I will some day keep up with it. Maybe :) Anywho - last Thursday evening, Travis and I went to my parents to have dinner and pick up the little guy. Directv had to be there that day so my dad spent all day going up and down the stairs carrying Marshall with him. He has to be in the middle of everything! The stairs are always blocked from him getting to them and when he does go up or down, he holds someones hand and the rail. Well Travis left to go get dog food and Marshall and I were going to be right after him to meet him to look at cars. I had to go upstairs and Marshall wanted to come with me. He did great going up with me and we went to my mom's room and locked the door so he couldn't go down without me. I open her door to leave and he takes off thinking he was going to the other end of the upstairs and then turns quickly to head down stairs. Now if you know my little guy - he wants to be very independent and he is so fast when he is trying to get away from you. I yell you better hold on to my hand and the rail - about that time he loses his footing and goes tumbling all the way down. All I can do is scream and go after him. My parents come running around the corner knowing before they get there what happened. I grab him up and say "he's ok, he's ok!" About the same time, my dad and I look down and there is blood all over my hand and running down his face. Insert freak out mode in my mind but brave face for my baby boy. Tell mom to grab phone and get Travis to meet us at Baptist east which thankfully is 2-5 minutes from my parent's house. she can't remember his number in the panic and when finally dialed, he won't answer! Now I have told Travis before - make sure you can always answer your phone soon in case something is wrong. so mom told dad to get us to hospital and she would be behind us. Now their stairs are carpeted all the way down and he fell sideways so no over head fall which is wonderful. Rug at the bottom so I think he hit the bottom wood corner of the bottom step and cut his head. So off to my dad's car where i sit behind my dad and put marshall in my lab facing me - trying to keep him alert and awake, get travis on the phone and hold towel on his head. finally get travis, this is where I lose it. That has to be the worst phone call to make - I felt awful calling him and having to tell him that. I kept apologizing to him and he told me to quit and to calm down - everything was going to be fine. he would be there very quickly. Have I said that my hubby is amazing! He really is - he could have reacted very differently but he reacted exactly how I needed at that moment. Now my dad (who use to race gokarts and work on sprint cars) got us to hospital in record time but not once did he scare me - I knew he would get us there fast but safe. Marshall is his little buddy and I know he was freaking out inside just like me but you couldn't tell. We got there and by this time, his head has stopped bleading, he was talking, smiling and alert. Paramedics looked at him when we go there and siad he was going to be fine. Made me feel a little better but not 100% - I mean have you see how much blood is on us. Travis and my mom got there right before they took us back. So glad to have them there with us. Nurse came and looked and said he is going to be fine. Dr came and said the same thing. he has a cut on his head that needs to have one staple. Just one - so thankful! He did exceptionally well during the whole process. Travis and my dad stayed in the room during that and I just couldn't. I went out to the hall with mom (who is diabetic and her blood sugar has plummeted b/c of nerves). Heard my baby scream so I bust up in the room right when they are about to insert the staple. Perfect timing huh?!? I got a look from Travis like really right now?!? Held him tight after they were done and he was just fine. Ready to go. Got mom some OJ for her blood sugar and luckily she starts feeling and looking better. Of course, Marsahll had to have some of the OJ too. Went back to parents to chek on g'mother who i knew was freaking out and to get my car. Phone was left off the hook in the panic so had to let her know he was fine. Marshall took about 5 minutes to pass out in the car on the way home. put him in our bed and travis slept on the floor on his side in case he rolled off the bed - his idea - great hubby and daddy. I kept waking up checking on him and he was just fine. I stayed home with him the next day - needed to hold him tight and just wanted to be sure that he was ok and thanked God all day that he kept him safe. He woke up wanting to dance, play, eat go outside etc. We went and had lunch with daddy and went to my parents. he is going to be jsut fine - get the staple removed today! hoping that all is healed up. This was the scariest day of my life but so very thankful that he is fine. Now i will just keep him away from anything that might hurt him until he is at least 18?!?!

His little head:(

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